Founded in 1637, the town of Sandwich, MA sits at the beginning of Cape Cod; it is a modest 60 minute ride from the city of Boston, and equal distance from Provincetown at the tip of the Cape. Located minutes from the Mid-Cape Highway, Sandwich Village and My Sisterís Gallery have become a popular stop for travelers from the metro region looking to experience amazing works of Cape Art.

A township seemingly plucked from the olden days, the village itself has much to offer the beauty-seeker; quaint and charming are understatements in this town featuring well-preserved historic homes overseeing tree-lined streets. Peacefulness presides during the fall and winter months, but Sandwich awakens to an event-filled spring and summer season. Visitors, residents, and artists all are influenced by the unique and gentle pace to be found here.

A popular attraction, is the natural sanctuary the Sandwich Boardwalk which travels over tide-affected marshland and directly onto a wide, north-facing beach. Other nearby local attractions are the famous Daníl Webster Inn, The Sandwich Glass Museum and Dunbar Tea Room.

Sandwich is home to the renowned Heritage Museums and Gardens featuring a large exhibit of antique cars and town artifacts. Be sure also to visit the Duck Pond, Grist Mill, and the Hoxie House. This is a town designed for strolling, leisure, and personal artistic relection.

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